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Mondays of the Month
Dialogues on media between Jurists and Engineers 


Greetings from the Director of Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza prof L. De Giovanni

May 9th 2016: 15.00

Law and Technique: how to balance fundamental rights and security?

Moderator: F. Sarzana, member of the bar


Profs. De Minico e G. Ventre

Room Guarino


May 16th 2016: 15.00

The  requirements of the law on the treatment of documents


A. Mazzeo, drs. M. Orefice and S. Romano

Room Graziani


June 6th 2016: 15.00

Radio Waves and 5G: issues and challenges


L. Paura, drs M. Avvisati and A. S. Cacciapuoti

Room Guarino


Coffee Break





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Ermes launches the “Mondays of the Month”


An educational experimentation which is one-of-a-kind, because it links together certain branches of knowledge which are usually considered as distant realities: the juridical and the technical one.


The idea is not to present a theme from two different perspectives, but to see an engineer and a jurist studying together a theme in order to present their achievements to our students, PhD students and colleagues, but also to whomever else who will want.


Here is a symptomatic example of the chosen method: the first Monday will be devoted to the fundamental liberties in times of terrorism, theme upon which some of us have already held some speeches both in national and international congresses. Here the question for a jurist is about how much the defense of a fundamental right shall move back and how much the need of protection against a serious and tangible terrorist threat shall move forward. The measures that have been adopted at a European level – from our D.L. No. 7/2015 to the French Loi No. 1501/2015, getting through the draft Directive n°625/2015 of the EP and the European Council – unreasonably drain the liberties because they arrive to the extent of blocking the websites which are suspected of terrorism or of removing the illicit contents even without a judicial arrest or seizing warrant, being satisfied with an administrative order. To this strictness, in the limitation of the website owner’s and user’s free speech, a technical remedy corresponds, that is substantially ineffective, if the aim is making the content inaccessible to anyone. In fact, because the measure has to pass through the server of a national Internet Service Provider, a simple mechanism of proxy server will be sufficient to avoid that ban. So, a strictness in juridical terms that does not reach its ends in factual terms.


From here some questions will follow. Now I am going to highlight only two of them: why are the ‘laws of fear’ conceived as disconnected from the effective possibility of reaching the intended result? Why is terrorism faced as an home affairs problem, even if the Technique and the Internet are means and fields that have a universal nature?


Regarding the form of this meetings, just a word: deconstructed. Two short reports of the couple, engineer-jurist, which has the responsibility of the scientific initiative of each Monday, upon which the contributions of the ones who will want to take the floor will twist and melt. We will have a moderator in order to guarantee an opinion space to everyone. Lastly, the registration to keep memory of the fulfilled work.


Whishing that those brainstormings will match a need of yours, and therefore the three meetings already planned will have others to follow, I am looking forward to meeting You for the first Monday: 9th of May in Aula Guarino at 3 p.m., at the Federico II, Corso Umberto I, Naples.



The Director,



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