On June 6th 2016 Ermes (European Research Centre on Media for E-Society) – in person of  its Director, professor Giovanna De Minico – and IAIC (Italian Academy of the Internet Code) – in person of its President, professor Alberto Maria Gambino – due to the scientific and programmatic vicinity have signed an agreement regarding: organization and development of scientific activities in the field of the common disciplines; individuation and participation, through the common employment of human and material resources, to projects and announcements and moreover the organization of study meetings of various kind on the topics of common interest.


The Director of Ermes Centre The President of IAIC Academy
Professor Giovanna De Minico   Professor Alberto Maria Gambino
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On March the 13 2015 the Ermes Center, in the presence of its own director, professor Giovanna De Minico, has finalized a framework agreement with the Center of Excellence, J.Monet, in the presence of its director, professor Giuseppe Cataldi, on the object of "The Rights of the migrants in the Mediterranean Sea". With this aforementioned agreement the contracting parties intend to fulfill the main purpose of conceiving technical-normative solutions which are able to facilitate for the migrants the effective enjoyment of their fundamental rights even through the digital alphabetization and the creation of specific office counters devoted especially to them.

The aforementioned highlighted purpose requires a particular attitude of openness to the diversity,  with regards to that the agreement will support the mobility between the scholars of the two Centers and will promote initiatives both on real and virtual grounds which are targeted to the integration, the encounter and the merging of cultures and civilizations which are distant the one from the other in origin.

The Director of Ermes Center,                                              The Director of J. Monet Center

Prof.ssa Giovanna De Minico                                                      Prof. Giuseppe Cataldi


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