The Macro-topic of the Media for the Society of the Information, with its own multiple interests and implications in the juridical and in the technological sphere, lends itself to be considered under two different lights and perspectives. The first one, of mainly scientific nature and therefore vertical, deals with specific profiles of research on media, which require an interdisciplinary and approach. The second one much more related to the government of the technologies and to their impact on the Society, requires instead a strategic cross-boundaries approach, considering its own vocation to the definition of policy.

I) With Regards to the first kind of topics they can be accommodated to the following:

  • Rights of access to the web and to the services : title and regulation
  • Net neutrality and neutrality of the services
  • Cybersecurity
  • Multimedia, computer & network forensics
  • Fundamental rights in the Internet: main regulation - limits – protection
  • Freedom of speech: hate and race speech
  • Privacy - protection of online data
  • Right of oblivion - biometric identification - inviolability of online domains
  • Transparency of transaction and of the service level agreement on online platforms
  • Intellectual property: services - format - contents – applications
  • Political rights and digital democracy


II) With regards the topics of cross nature and of policy instead, the Center develops activities on the following issues:

  • E-Government
  • E-services: guidelines of regulation - new private and public accountability
  • Online regulation and industrial policy
  • Open & public data
  • Digital identity
  • Vocational education and digital culture
  • New professional attitudes and skills
  • Infrastructures
  • Regulation porous to the new media
  • Fundamental rights and security
  • Market and new antitrust regulation


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